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mainpictureYou will, I'm sure, have seen this shot before. Two macarons, or, as Lindt says, two declices in Passion and Vanilla. Though they are not mine on this occasion. For I have come for waffles. I have had waffles on the brain for a while, but this has been exacerbated by a recent-ish trip to Guylian where the waffles were from-a-box-crunchy and the chocolate sauce a little gluggy. "Waffles" I had muttered to Suze at the time "should be hot. And fluffy. And definitely. Not. Crunchy." "Well let us go somewhere where the waffles are hot and fluffy then" said they. And we did.

Not immediately, mind you. But weeks later, and after a trip to Eveleigh Markets and a lunch at the Blackbird Cafe.

FFichiban in action

The cameras were out, and I had snuck Karen's bag of declices away from her ("Just to look!" I had chirped) and stuck my camera in the bag to take a picture. FFichiban hollered an "Ooh! Lightbox" and promptly followed suit. Which then led to each of us snapping photos of him, snapping photos of declices. And when he was done, we still hadn't gotten that shot and so made him sit in that pose for "Just a little bit longer!" until we were done. And maybe for just a little bit after that too. Because he looked so funny.

iced chocolate and milkshake
Chocolate Milkshake ($7.00) & Lindt Dark Iced Chocolate ($7.00)

And so the food arrived. Or should I say, the things-that-had-been-ordered. For after breakfast and lunch, Karen & FFichiban couldn't eat a thing more. "What is the difference" wondered FFichiban "between an iced chocolate and a chocolate milkshake?" We couldn't tell him so he and Karen ordered one apiece. And the answer? The milkshake comes with a beautiful swirl of chocolate round and round the sides. And the Iced Chocolate does not. They taste slightly different too, with more ice in the Iced Chocolate and a creamier texture to the milkshake.

macaron craziness
Mini Declices... GIANT DECLICE!

When we had been pondering what to get whilst waiting in the queue (and when I say we, I mean they, because I had made my choice back about a month ago) I felt a hand grab my arm. "Giant macaron" Suze hissed at me. "Do I? Do I?" "Yes. Do." we had said and so she did. And it looked just like its little cousins. But GIANT.

the giant up close and personal
Chocolate Hazelnut Declice Gateau $13.00

As a way of measurement, this macaron-ish-thing would have been about 10cm diameter and about 4cm high. And it was filled with a crunchy hazelnut praline and chocolate cream. And it was rich. So rich that Suze, after chomping down on it for the first third of it, slowed her pace down to nibbles. "I will not" she said in between rabbit bites "be defeated by a macaron." It was a little soggy and it was a whole lot of richness. I took a rabbit nibble myself, and know that I would have only made it about halfway through. If that.

pristine waffles
Lindt Waffle $15.00

No matter, for I was here for waffle. And waffle was here for me. Hot from the waffle press. "Freshly made & served with Lindt Vanilla White Chocolate ice-cream & Chocolate Fudge Sauce" said the menu. "Freshly made waffle!" I had said. And I took three quick snaps then eyed everyone else off while they took theirs. And all clear, and then a digging in. Sauce was poured over the top in a thick fudgy stream. "Ohhhhh...." I heard, as that hot, buttery waffle smell mingled with the smell of chocolate sauce. And then in I went.

waffle attack
Methodical Waffle Demolition

Methodically of course, as is my habit. Cut along the marked lines. Then sliced into three pieces. The tip of the wedge, and then the base sliced in two vertically. For that allows for an even distribution of ice-cream and chocolate sauce. I powered through half of it. Paused. Ate another triangle and then hit a wall. The food for the day had caught up on me and my head was starting to hurt. The waffle was finished by all and sunder (including me, for what is a headache when you have waffle) and the slow realisation that we had been eating for nigh on 6 hours hit us all. So homeward bound it was. Slowly though. For a jolt in a car could have spelt disaster.

Lindt Cafe
Cockle Bay
104-105 Cockle Bay Wharf
Darling Harbour, Sydney
ph (02) 9267 8064

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Betty said...

yummy i absolutely LOVE lindt waffles i havent had them as nice anywhere else :)

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Aww the idea of the giant macaron sounded so promising! But perhaps on an empty stomach it might have been easier to conquer. I always imagined an iced chocolate would come with whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top whereas a milkshake wouldn't but then I would be wrong in this case!

Betty said...

i've never tried the lindt cafe waffles, they look amazing and the way you describe them... wow! i need to try these asap!!

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

That waffle sounds superb. It's a shame you were so full! That macaroon sounds like it needs to be a meal on its own.

Steph said...

Heehee I was taking a photo of food in it's paper bag the other day, my friend thought I was a nutjob. The waffles look so good, and I like your methodical demolition strategy-there's nothing worse than running out of icecream and sauce before you've finished the waffle!

smileona said...

i haven't had waffles in ages!
those lindt waffles looks DEELISH! havent been to lindt in agessssssssss a year maybe?

Anonymous said...

Hee hee pro waffler ;) I just dig in and attack it furiously nom nom nom Haha sorry for stealing your photo idea XD and ooohh I am 3 posts slow but nice rounded edges on photos ^^! No more photo cuts :)

Y said...

Declices? That's a new one for me. Doesn't quite have as nice a ring as macarons though, does it? The giant one looks.. humungous!

Anita said...

Yum Yum YUM! You guys ordered so many good things! I can't decide which one looks more appealing :)

Howard said...

The waffles here are great, but I also like the ones at Max Brennar.

shez said...

Betty: i'm with you there. well, maybe except for the ones made at home :)

Lorraine: it was rather confusing (though both parties found them deliciously tasty).

Betty: oh! do! so tasty....

Arwen: i'm just glad it was Suze & not me. i would have given up so quickly...

Steph: methodical is best! until the ice cream starts melting everywhere anyway.

Smileona: oh neither had i at the time (which is mad because i work in the city like three blocks from one!

FFichiban: hehe is ok dude :) and thanks!

Y: no, i agree. the magic isn't quite right.

Anita: we are gluttons. absolutely and horribly so.

Howard: yah but these are fressshhhh!

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