about the cook


This is me at 16 months. By my mother's accounts, I was a sleepy child. Didn't run around very much, didn't take on more than I could chew. Oh, and apparently I loved peeling eggs. Peeling eggs and falling asleep whilst eating Nutri Grain in front of the television.

There is a video that exists of me, during this period of my life. In it, I am systematically eating one bite out of each slice of cake on a tray, and then handing the bitten piece of cake back to my uncle. I don't remember particularly liking the cake - I think I just wanted to see if the other slices were any better than the first.

Twenty-something years later, I still find myself chomping my way through copious amounts of cake - though my tastes have expanded now to include flavours other than chocolate.

Happy eating all!

Shez xx