love letters

love letters 01 Chinese New Year means different things to different people. For some, the promise of seeing anyone and everyone is enough. For others, its all about the red packets and playing mah-jong. For me, it's (rather unsurprisingly) about the food.

Every year, Dad & I spend a couple of hours sitting at stove making biscuits. "The Stove?" you ask, "Surely you mean the oven?" But no! These flaky, crispy biscuits are made stove top.

Love letters, or "kuih kapek" are a Chinese New Year favourite. They're notoriously hard to make and store, but eating them makes it all seem so worthwhile.

Kuih Kapek

makes approximately 70 biscuits (not including the burnt ones...)


6 eggs
1 cup rice flour
1 cup white sugar
1 tin (** ml) coconut milk


1. Mix the ingredients in a bowl.


3. Heat moulds over coals (or in this case, a gas stove).

love letters 02

4. When the moulds are hot, quickly ladle the batter onto one side of the mould and swirl quickly to distribute. Clamp the two halves of the mould back together and return to the gas burner. The batter will bubble over a little bit.

love letters 03

5. When the edges that have bubbled over are cooked, scrape them off and flip the mould. Let the moulds sit over the gas for another 30 seconds.

6. Open the moulds and check if the colour is right.

love letters 04

7. If the colour is good, slide the biscuits out, fold quickly into quarters (here is where asbestos hands come in handy!) and put aside to cool.

love letters 05

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Simon said...

Wow, these cookies seem so iffy. I would have labelled the one at the top right very wrong! hehe :)

Were these the precursor to fortune cookies, or was that just your own addition? What's the fortune anyhow? What sound does a finger being pulled make?

shez said...

Simon: these are a precursor i think. we've had them every year since we were little and they're just gorgeous. oh, and it says "what sound does an ox make?"... i didn't know and was hoping someone would tell me.

Grace said...

*right! right! wrong! wrong!*
LOL at the charred black one

I love these biscuits! so crispy and delicious
Only ONE of my aunties bothers making them though so I hardly ever get to eat them :( haha

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